Safe and Accessible Bathrooms: We understand that bathrooms can be challenging, and bathroom slips or falls often result in serious injury. We offer mobility solutions that increase safety in the bathroom.

Customized Bathroom Solutions: Our certified Aging-In-Place specialists carefully consider physical and neurological conditions before recommending modifications like shower chairs, lowered shower heads, grab bars, and toilet and shower assist.

Minimize Hazards: Making your loved one’s restroom accessible and secure can lower their risk of falling and enhance their quality of life.

Peace of Mind: We provide bathroom modifications that give you and your loved ones peace of mind, eliminating worries about slips or falls and ensuring a trouble-free experience in the bathroom.

Comprehensive In-Home Consultations

The process begins with a complete in-home evaluation conducted by one of our Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists. They focus on determining your physical and therapeutic needs as well as any potential upgrades your home may be able to provide.

Customized Home Modification Plan

We create a customized modification plan that seamlessly incorporates external and interior accessible solutions to meet your specific medical needs, guided by our thorough home inspection.

Affordable Accessibility Solutions

Our mission is to provide you or your loved one with top-tier mobility support, comfort, safety, and independence at home without exceeding your budget. Discover cost-effective aging-in-place solutions today.

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At Safe Home Renovators, we specialize in crafting personalized home modifications and mobility solutions. We have established ourselves as a reputable choice for safeguarding your home, endorsed both by families and healthcare professionals.